Cucumber is not for everyone

Computers without instructions are not very useful, they just consume power and produce heat. It’s the responsibility of programmers to write those instructions in order for computer to behave. But just writing the instruction is not enough, another responsibility of programmers is to make those instructions simple and this is what makes the programmers job so difficult. Programmers must think of all the possible events that might happen in the computer system and write instructions to handle all of them, there’s quite a lot of details to consider. …

Mutant in the Wild by hosmer23 on DeviantArt

Through the years, Test Driven Development has made a huge impact in software industry, allowing to eliminate the fear of software change and refactoring, guiding systems to decoupled and flexible design and acting as a documentation and requirement specification to some degree. But writing tests is not enough, because experience has shown that same software issues can persist even after TDD is introduced to the project, because core disciplines of TDD were not followed or test code had different quality standards compared to production code had. This created a demand for test quality measurement tools that would help developer in…

Aurimas Degutis

Senior Software Developer @

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